Sunday, December 10, 2006


Yesterday my wife & youngest son made a whole mess of Christmas cookies which leads me to my annual lament about baking cookie dough--why?! Cookie dough tastes better than baked cookies, so why bake? It's like the Tibetan Buddhist monks who make a beautiful sand sculpture then dump it into the lake to make a larger spiritual point, except there is no larger point here.

Also, why do I get hit with spatulas when I try to eat cookie dough, but they have it offered to me ten minutes after it's baked, when I don't like it as much? It's not right!

I came across a funny site for office slang.

From a student evaluation of a professor here at UConn (not me): "on a scale of one to awesome, this guy is totally sweet." This scale is absurd but somehow it makes sense.

My brother, John (who posts as Knumb Knuts), looks remarkably good as a hot blond


Tina said...

Why bake? Salmonella.

Take it easy on the cookie dough, unless they're vegan.

brewright said...

Oh yeah, I didn't think about that.