Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A finals farewell

I have just come back from giving a final, and I'm reminded of the cycle of affect that I feel for my students each semester.

The first couple weeks of the semester they all sort of look alike, and I have no feelings toward them one way or another.

Then I get to know them (they are rather likable, and we do spend a fair amount of time talking and joking).

Well, by mid-semester, I really like like them such that when finals come, I'm rather sad to see them go. This makes for a funny emotional disconnection during the final. As they leave, I'm thinking that this is probably the last time I'll see them & I'm saying good-bye to a friend. They, on the other hand, are in a finals funk and sort of trudge off to their next final.


P.S., the student who was making out with his girlfriend in class asked if he got extra-credit for bringing a date. LOL


Knumb said...


You should have said that he did get extra credit but she didn't....

Russell Smith said...

Nice photo with the post -- Mark Lenard as Sarek in his final appearance in Star Trek: the next generation.