Thursday, December 21, 2006

Christmas time by Larry Norman

It's a sad fact of life that song lyrics are only meaningful if you know the tune. (This is never learned until *after* the teenage years). Still, here's my favorite Christmas song. Sing along!


Santa Claus is coming and the kids are getting greedy

They know what's in the stores ´cause they seen it on the TV

You go into the forest and you cut down all the trees

I know you got a power saw, but who plants the seeds

I gotta buy a present, can´t remember who it´s for

I´ll see you in a hour when I get back from the store

It used to be the birthday of The Man who saved our necks

Now it stands for Santa Claus, they spell it with an "X"!

It´s Christmas time...


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know whatever became of Larry Norman? I always liked that song, and most of his other stuff.
Remember his song, "He's An Unidentified Flying Object"? I fear this post is demonstrating that I'm over age 40.

Michael W. Kruse said...

Now that is spooky. I was just loading this album (along with few other Norman albums) to my ipod this afternoon.

I think Norman is still doing gigs every now and than but he has been plauged by a number of heatlh problems over the years. As I recall he has some heart problems that were made worse by a physicians poor treatment.

Knumb said...

If contempory Christian music were more Larry and less boy band, I'd reconsider listening to it.

Good ol' Brad took me to a Larry Norman concert when I was in the eigth grade or something it was a great show.

Thanks, Bro.

Dan Myers said...

When I was growing up, my Dad used to rail about the "X-mas." Later he discovered that it's not an English letter X but really a Greek chi--which is a symbol for Christ going back a thousand years or more. Now he has a sermon that rails for it!

Anonymous said...

Larry died today. He was one of the first artists who got me onto God. I am also over 40. Be blessed, we will see him again