Saturday, December 30, 2006

Our sixteenth wedding anniversary

Cathy and I celebrate our sixteenth wedding anniversary today. How long is sixteen years?

Sixteen years is longer than:
- Alexander the Great was a king
- the regency period of English history (the historical context for my wife's favorite novels)
- the Beatles were together
- the marriages of some friends who are very good people
- the marriage of Michael Jordan (okay, he made 17 years--but next year I will have done something better than him)

Sixteen years is not long enough for:
- my friends to stop telling me how lucky I am that Cathy married me
- me to stop agreeing with them
- her to throw away all her books with titles like "Smart Women and Foolish Choices" ;-)
- me to forget the tough years or to stop being thankful for God's grace in carrying us through them
- me not to smile when I roll over in the morning and see her
- us to stop holding hands whenever we drive somewhere
- me not to want a seventeenth year

Happy anniversary


Benjamin said...

Congratulations & God Bless!!!!

Dan Myers said...

Congrats, Brad!

Knumb said...

Nice to know Cathy reads your blog.

(big wink)

Knumb said...

oh, and, of course,

congrats. :)

brewright said...

Thank you for the congrats!

Yes, I wondered about that... does a romantic (or at least attempted romantic) gesture count if it's a form somewhat sure not to be received?

Actually Cathy did happen to walk by the computer when I was doing something else on the blog & she saw it, thankfully.