Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A sociology blog aggregator

In keeping with my rule of thirds, here are the three things I want for the new year: World peace, an end to global warming, and a sociology blog aggregator.

Blogs seem like they’ll soon be a big deal in sociology (analyzing everyday life and all that). (See Jeremy Freese's interview about them). So, it’s only a matter of time before someone has an aggregating site—that takes feeds from various sociologist’s blogs.

Sometimes these edit the feeds, producing a "greatest hits" of the day/week. E.g., http://www.mondaymorninginsight.com/index.php?

Sometimes they just take whatever is posted by their authors.

Something like this seems like good, easy PR for a sociology department. Whoever sets up the first one will probably be the best known one, and it would bring a lot of traffic to the website + name recognition. (Could also have department advertising for grad students/ jobs/ etc...).

Anyone interested in doing this?
Anyone, anyone

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Rense said...

Hi there,

I agree that a sociology blog aggregator would be a very nice gift, but unfortunately I don't have any to give away ;-)

But, I did start a social sciences blog carnival, which is similar to some extent and in many ways more selective. Perhaps you can take a look at: