Thursday, November 09, 2006

Why blog?

I'm somewhat skeptical about the value of blogs, for most read like bad Christmas form letters--many too many uninteresting personal details--with a layer of self-help added on (though, honestly, I'm not sure that I'll do much differently).

This blog represents a sea change for me, a coming out of sorts. For quite awhile now I've been both a Christian and a sociologist but have kept the two mostly separate. With tenure and sabbatic leave behind me, I think that I have the confidence and the motivation to "come out" in academia with my faith and move toward integrating it with my career as a social scientist.

Where will this lead? I'm not sure. I am switching my research agenda to the sociology of Christianity and am currently working on several such projects. I also find myself wanting to use sociology to benefit other Christians.

Blogging, hopefully, gives me a chance to sound out, and perhaps get feedback on, ideas either not yet or never ready for publication. Besides, I might have a little fun.


Ben Dubow said...

Great stiuff Brad! Welcome to the blogosphere... excited to see what you create here.

brewright said...

Hurray, my first comment. Thank you Ben. Should I print this and tape it to my wall, like restaurants do with their first dollar bill?

christopher uggen said...

great idea for a blog, dude. with a name like brewright you've just gotta include a little beer talk in here at some point.

brewright said...

Actually, I'm a little embarrassed by my initials... brew ... but I do in fact brew my own beer sometimes with a friend (though I'm not into that much!) so I figured what the hey. At least it's easy to remember.

Suzanne said...

Hi, somehow I have linked to your blog from the ChristianityToday website. I don't blog, but I often try to search for good info on the web for my husband (a Chinese church pastor). Waiting for your "Church Survey"! Thanks for some good info!