Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Global rich list

If you only do one thing this Christmas season, buy me a present. (E-mail me if you need ideas).

But... if you do a second thing, go to this website: You type in your income, and in seconds it gives you your wealth relative to the rest of the world.

Sweet mother of pearl, I'M RICH!

Our considerable material privilege, and the injustice that it perhaps implies, might be a good thing to think about this and any season.

(Thanks Ben)


Dan Myers said...

Great one. Try fiddling around the lower end. $500 a year and you are still making more than 20% of the world's population--meaning 1.2 billion are making less tha 500 per year.

Luke said...

Wow! Thanks for this post. It is pretty eye opening. It makes me feel guilty about the gifts I will be given.

Merry Christmas.

brewright said...

My gosh, I didn't realize that the income distribution had that much that low. Yikes!

$500 a year = about a coffee a day.


kent said...

That is powerful.