Saturday, March 01, 2008

Saturday stuff

The big news around here-my oldest son Gus is now bald. He did it for the last swim meet of the season, and initially he and his freshman friends didn't want to, but the seniors, shall we say, insisted. Apparently one of the freshmen ran away, but the seniors chased him down and carried him back to the clippers. I haven't seen his bare head since he was a baby--kind of interesting.

As an act of faith that spring is coming, I got my bicycle tuned up & I am starting to watch landscaping how-to shows. (They are too painful in the middle of winter).

My youngest son, Floyd, has started playing a video game which features cartoon characters and bad guys who are CEOs and lawyers. Needless to say, I let him play that one extra--good learning in life!

On this game Floyd needs to know his points of the compass. He was having trouble, but then Gus intervened with a mnemonic--Never Eat Soggy Waffles. Hasn't been forgotten since.

One of Gus' friends is now welcome in our house anytime. He was talking to Gus about his father's hair loss, and he said "your Dad has lots of hair--he'll never go bald." A statement far more appreciated than true.

A site I check a lot for the primaries.


Jay Livingston said...

Pollster ( has graphs that aren't as zippy, but it does give more information, like sample size and status (likely voter, registered voter, etc.)

Brad Wright said...

Thank you Jay... As usual, you know all the cool sites!