Saturday, March 15, 2008

Saturday stuff

What do you get when you cross a GPS unit, a brother with crazy computer skills, and a great day hang gliding? Click here.

Cathy and Floyd took off to Washington D.C. this week, to visit the beloved Uncle Jon. They took the train, from New Haven, and made it there in less time than it would take to drive. The train seemed like a rational way to travel--not too expensive & easy to use. I just drove up to the train station, parked in the loading zone, walked them right to the train. Total time=5 minutes. Much better than all the hassle of getting onto planes.

With just Gus and me at home, I realize that we're the relatively-quiet ones in the family. We spend a lot of time just sitting, reading or on the computer. Things are much more quiet, and much less interesting, with Cathy and Floyd gone.

Congrats to Ray Fowler on his one-year anniversary of blogging.

A former undergrad wrote to update me on her career and to thank me for some of the topics we had covered in class. Wow... how gratifying.

Ben Byerly writing on the real killer in Kenya. I know that I was pretty scared when I was there back in the day.

When mascots go bad


Ray Fowler said...

Hi Brad,

Thanks for the congrats - it has been a fun year!


Ben said...

I'm sure you have a story or two I'd love to hear. Some days I get home and am just happy I haven't killed anyone with that great instrument of death. Frankly, it's a miracle I haven't.