Saturday, March 08, 2008

Saturday stuff

My niece, Ashley, has finally got the long sought-after cell phone. There's only one hitch, her parents told her that she had to let her brother Conner use it sometimes. Her solution, showing herself to be a genius--she got a bright pink phone. Her brother hasn't asked to use it once.

Chris Uggen has a wonderful post about a moment in which he realized that his son is becoming an adult.

Cathy had another engagement last night, so she had me lead our Friday night Bible Study. It turned out to be mostly guys there, so we quite a little early to play video games.

I'm going to South Bend tomorrow for part of spring break. Guess I figured that it was warming up too fast here, and I wanted a place that still had snow on the ground.


Nate Loucks said...

South Bend?? What for? It's actually pretty pleasant here right now. It's supposed to get to the mid-40's by Tuesday.

S.S.STONE said...

Video/Bible Study:


Blessed are the children(men)
who play video games while walking in the Lord.
Blessings and WINS shall be theirs.
Theirs is to SCORE bountiful,
the fruit of the game.
Theirs is the joy of God's care.

Great Saturday stuff!

Brad Wright said...

Hey Nate,

My sister and her family live there, and my father is staying in assisted living there.

Sarah, that's really good. Thanks!

Brad Stewart said...

Hey, don't complain about spring time... here in beautiful Quebec City, we're currently about 30cm short of the all-time cumulative winter snowfall record of 457cm (that's 180 inches for you guys south of the border). One more storm ought to top that off for us. :)

Knumb said...

It was kinda hot at Disneyland Friday.

Ashley is my heroine.

Brad Wright said...

Brad, I would ask why Canadians live up in such bad weather, but that may be one of those things where if you ask "why", you wouldn't understand the answer.

John, at least you didn't get to go hang gliding (I hope)! ;-)