Sunday, March 09, 2008

Steak and South Bend

Okay, I'm out here in South Bend, and it's snowing... (not much, though). I think that I'm spring-break challenged.

On the positive side, I had a great lunch at Steak-and-Ale, a restaurant down the street from Steak-n-Shake (I'm not kidding!). Breakfast at Steak-n-Eggs? A quick bite at Steak-n-Go? (Now I'm kidding). I suppose this comes under the heading of Midwest Restaurants knowing their market.

I'm getting some quality time in with nephews and nieces, though I almost got kicked out of the evening meal for teaching the kids how to do whip-cream shots with the canned whip cream. (Somehow when I did it, my oldest nephew got it all over his face and hair. Oops...)

Steak and Whipped Cream?


Joyce said...

I actually used to work at a restaurant called "Steak and Eggs" in Hartford (on Asylum Avenue)when I was in my 20s. I don't get the Steak and Shake phenomena out here in the midwest, but people love it. The Steak and Ale choice sounds like a much better althernative (although ... the "steaks" at Steak and Shake aren't much, but the shakes! YUM!)

Brad Wright said...

Steak and eggs... wasn't that a Dr. Seuss book?

Joyce said...

Close, Sam I am. That was "Green eggs and ham".