Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Brad Wright--talking head

The Reveal team at Willow Creek church has posted the podcast of my interview with them last month. Here.

Watching it, I'm reminded of what terrifically kind, sincere people they are--even if I still think that they over-interpreted their data a good bit.


christopher uggen said...

nice work, buddy. but what's this "representivity" thing? seriously, i'm glad you're weighing in on work so close to your heart. plus, how come you haven't aged since 1989?

Brad Wright said...

I think they meant external validity when they spoke of representivity--I was just trying not to sound dumb.

I haven't aged since 1989 because I looked like a tired, old guy back then too... ;-)

Casey Ross said...

Well, you're officially a rock star now. Just finished watching the video podcast. I especially liked the hand shots they kept doing. Seriously, nice job.

Brad Wright said...

They really do a nice job with production. I was amazed at how many people were there & how skilled they were. The director, especially, was very impressive.

Knumb said...


You really handled the interruptions well... it was like watching edwin moses run the 110. You never broke stride.

As far as the reveal stuff, I have to think really hard at work... my brain is shut down by the time I turn to spiritual matters.

It's fun to see you on video.

Pastor Jeff said...

I just watched the video. I appreciate your comments and careful (as well as caring) critique. One of the reasons I have such respect for Willow is that they are not afraid to learn and that they would invite you in to critique what they've done, provide links to your blog and podcast your interview.

Brad Wright said...

Thank you John.

I agree Jeff!

Bill Lippman said...

Great interview - very helpful in understanding the survey itself.

One thing that didn't come up was your discussion of "spiritual behaviors". Did you get a chance to dialogue on that off camera? Any further thoughts on your part?

I'm not uncomfortable emphasizing what you describe as the 'consequential dimension' - that approach 'works' and is measurable.

I find myself asking though if it wouldn't be good to know how to work multidimensionally. For example, viewing prayer 'devotionally' as well as consequentially' might allow one a greater depth through considering the mystery and presence of God.