Saturday, March 22, 2008

Saturday stuff

When I got home this afternoon, a neighbor ran over and said, "I've got your son, and your wife is in the hospital." Yikes! Turns out she cut her hand putting in some flooring and needed six stitches. Fortunately, she just missed cutting the tendon. Both boys were super helpful with her,

Gus, the oldest, went to the hospital with her, and sat with her till I got there. As soon as I did, though, he disappeared immediately. When I asked later where he was, he informed me that "Die Hard" was on the lounge TV. Floyd focused on the emotional support. "Mom, are you okay? Are you feeling scared? I know I was when I got a cut."

Now, this is a great practical joke. If I were way rich, stuff like this would be a common occurrence in my life!

Floyd had pajama day in school last week. He and the whole first grade showed up in their p.j.s... I know we never did anything that fun when I was in school.

When someone gets too clever in how to propose marriage.

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S.S.STONE said...

Oh Brad, that would have been very frightening. Good that she didn't cut the tendon and is on the mend. Your boys sound like they knew exactly what to do and say.

Happy Easter!