Saturday, March 29, 2008

Saturday stuff

Recently a laptop computer was destroyed at our house with a cup of coffee spilled on it. This morning, Gus and Floyd has a very satisfying time taking it completely apart and seeing what was in it.

While they did that, I cleaned the car. Among the treasures, I found a check for $70 and a container of cottage cheese wedged between two seats. It was full, probably fell out of the bag on the way home. Anyway, we have no idea how long it's been there. Given how cold things are here in CT, it could have been for some time.

Here's what *not* to do when para-surfing. A very funny, perhaps disturbing video clip. (Thanks Josh!)

Here is a cheerleading squad that we can all cheer for!

Now, this is how to apologize. I was scheduled to meet with an undergrad, and he didn't show up. A little later, I got this message: "I suck and a one hour nap turned into a two and a half hour one after subconsciously turning my alarm off."


Knumb said...

Hey bro,

have the boys dig out the hard drive without bending any pins, send it to me, and I'll put the recoverable data onto dvds and send it back.

S.S.STONE said...

Wow, that's really cool!
I remember when I was little my parents let me take apart an old television that wasn't working. It was neat! I remember making something very "artsy" with the stuff and my mother hung it up on the wall.

As for the cottage cheese, did it have a date on it? It's the law in Canada that all items must have expiry dates.