Thursday, October 02, 2008

A youngest child's birthday wish

Floyd turned the big "08" on Sunday, and when we asked him what he wanted for his birthday, the first thing that he said was something we had never even considered.

You see, he has mentioned more than once that he's tired of being bossed around by everyone. (Cathy, me, and Gus--who is 7 years older than Floyd).

As such, he decided that he wanted to be boss of the family this one day, so... on Sunday, he got to make all the decisions. He decided when we'd eat and what we'd eat. What constituted appropriate table manners (just about everything), and a bunch of other decisions.

Once when Gus asked him to get off the computer, Floyd yelled: "you can't tell me what to do, I'm the birthday boss!"

He was very, very happy.


Knumb said...

That's basically what I have asked for the last couple years... Not so much the bit where I'm the boss, just the not being told what to do part.

Casey Ross said...

I love that idea! My 6 yr old daughter would love that. I'm a little scared of what she would make us do, though. Maybe we could make her the "birthday boss with some healthy boundaries."

Brad Wright said...

Poor John... you had a way-too-bossy big brother. Heck, now on your birthdays I call for advice!

Casey, it turned out that Floyd is so well (over-?) socialized that he didn't push any boundaries...

Knumb said...


this birthday you packed a sport 2 for me that I flew today.

Epic win on your part, good for a decade of birthday computer advice.