Sunday, October 26, 2008

So much for nostalgia

Gus in on a couple of sports teams at his high school, so about once a week he has to wear a dress shirt and tie to school in anticipation of a meet later that day. For these days, he borrows one of my ties (I certainly don't use them), and he looks really nice all dressed up.

Somehow he got a hold of a tie that used to belong to my grandfather. It's gray, narrow, and has a cool retro-look (is something retro if it really is old). The tie is from the 1950s, and I've always liked it.

So, last week when Gus put it on for school, I told him the history of it and how it reflected his great-grandfather. I thought it was one of those cool father-son moments, he probably thought it was vaguely interesting, but he was running late for school.

While, this morning, I was folding laundry and found the tie, ruined from going through the wash. I suppose that instead of telling him the history of the tie, I should have just explained that we don't put silk ties into washing machines.


ryan bolger said...

oh, that's too funny. I can totally relate -- i have these great talks with my kids - similar ages -- and I think I connect on a deep level -- and I find out that what got through was something completely unexpected. Thanks for sharing this. RB

Brad Wright said...

Nothing like children to keep us from becoming overly confident in any of our abilities.