Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Witnessing the Flynn effect firsthand

Floyd has joined a local swim club, which means twice a week he has 1.5 hour swim practices. After practice recently he started talking with another little guy, and they discovered that they both played the violin (through the local Susuki program--which we love). They then said which songs they were playing (allegro something or another) and which notes they had trouble with.

I'm pretty sure that the Flynn Effect is happening in my family. This effect is the observation that IQ scores have been steadily increasing over time--about 3 points a decade. It appears that children are getting smarter over time.

I can guarantee you that I wasn't doing anything as ambitious as organized sports or violin-playing when I was in second grade. I think that I watched television the whole year, and maybe went to Cub Scouts (which Floyd does too).

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