Saturday, October 11, 2008

A precious parenting moment--not

Last week I took 8-year-old Floyd to join the local swim club. Gus, his older brother, did it for years, so we're pretty familiar with it. Other than parents having to sit and watch the practice, it's a good deal.

Well, Floyd decided that he did not want to go because he was feeling shy and he was sure that he'd be the worse swimmer there. I tried to finesse the situation, but that got no where fast. So, I explained to him that he had to try it ("why!") and that he'd probably really like it ("no I won't!"). So, I pretty took him there, and he alternated between tears and pouting.

We get to the pool, and I introduce myself to the coach. Floyd is sort of hiding behind me, and I explain that the coach that Floyd was interested in taking swim lessons. At that point, Floyd stepped out from behind me, pointed at me, and with a loud, very indignant voice, said, "no I don't, he's forcing me to."

The coach gave me a polite, embarrassed smile, and I started trying to figure out it takes the state Department of Children and Families to respond to these kinds of situations.

(Floyd ended up loving it and has since forgiven me).

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