Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A philosophical question about cake

Gus had his fifteenth birthday last week, complete with very success surprise party. (He's rather easy to deceive--like his father.

The big question to come out of his birthday, however, was what is the exact definition of a cake.

We were sitting around eating a chocolate cake that had lots and lots of frosting, and we started to wonder how much frosting you could have before it's no longer a cake. So, if it looks like a cake, but it's all frosting, would it still be cake. Floyd and I agreed that an all-frosting pseudo-cake would be a grand thing. Gus was less sure. Cathy was just grossed out at the thought.

Let them eat what may be cake?


Jeff L said...

An all frosting cake sounds like cheating to me...but this reminds me of the TV show "Ace of Cakes" where they create elaborate cakes for all sorts of big name events as well as normal (but wealthy) people. They approach the term "cake" very liberally, with some of their cakes not really containing any cake at all (or frosting for that matter), but instead are made of things like styrofoam and fondant (they bring sheet cakes for people to eat). Maybe they should rename their show "Ace of Semi-Edible Pseudocakes."

kent said...

I believe to be call a cake require at least 20% cake content. At least that would be my rule.

Brad Wright said...

Jeff, the ace of cakes now don't sound so good. Why not just make a sculpture out of clay?

Kent, that's the kind of rule I'm looking for. 80% frosting? I could live with that.