Friday, September 05, 2008

Using a statistic in marketing Christian Ministry

(Part 6 in a series)

From Wicker’s book, the statistic was picked up by a Christian organization, entitled Off The Map. This is Christian non-profit devoted to making Jesus known through helping Christians serve others. They include this statistic in a section of their website that leads off with the statement: “Here’s why we must be born again.” It also presents various other statistics making the case that Christianity is losing its influence in America as well as shrinking in size. Also on the page are several advertisements for the “born-again tour” offered by this organization. This event includes music and speakers to teach and encourage people in living out their faith publicly. Tickets range from $69 to $109.

Why would the organization Off the Map link statistics negatively portraying Christianity with their efforts to promote Christianity? Organizations use statistics to present a problem, and it presents its programs as a solution. As such, including a statistic about the positive impressions held of Christians might diminish the perceived need of their ministry.

Part 7 in the series.

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