Friday, September 12, 2008

Credit cards to China

Usually when we think of evil, it involves chain saws or bank robberies or men lurking in trench coats. Here's a story about some one who has the potential of doing a great deal of harm just doing his job.

Basically, most Chinese buy things using cash. This person, representing a bank's credit card division, is working hard to convince potential customers in China to use credit cards instead. What's the problem he's trying to overcome? "We have this traditional thinking. We don't like to spend more than what we have." Banks can't make much money on credit cards until this don't overspend mentality is overcome.

When I think of all the problems I've had in my life because of credit cards, as well as in others, I cringe to think of someone doing this.

Thanks Adrienne for the story!

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Nate Loucks said...

My wife and I are taking Financial Peace University at our church. In two weeks we have to cut up our credit cards. I CAN'T WAIT! I'm still paying off pizza from when I was in college on my credit card.