Sunday, September 14, 2008

Showgirls, the conversion

Joe Eszterhas, a well-known Hollywood screenwriter, had a rather dramatic conversion to Christianity. Here is his story, and he motivates it by asking:

Why did God save the life of a man who had trashed, lampooned, and marginalized Him?


Jay Livingston said...

I'm never sure how I'm supposed to react when a thoroughly repugnant person, especially one who made a lot of money at least in part by his repugnance, suddenly gets religion and gets all gee-what-a-terrible-person-I-was-but-now-I'm-asking-Jesus-for-forgiveness. How I usually react is, you're better off asking Jesus than asking me. Maybe I'd be more accepting if I knew Eszterhas was donating the proceeds of Crossbearer to some charity. I probably wouldn't, but maybe.

Brad Wright said...

The only hitch with us knowing that Esterhas is giving his money away is that Christian teaching says such generosity should be done in secret, lest we brag about it.

Probably the only people who could observe any conversion change are those who see him most every day.