Sunday, September 07, 2008

The problem with college towns

Over all it's nice to live in a college town (though, I'm not sure that Mansfield is big enough to qualify as a town.  A college hamlet?)  Sometimes the college students driving is irksome, but overall having so many young people around is a plus.

 I recently bought a new bicycle (actually used, new to me--bought it off Craig's list) that I just love.  It's light, fast, etc....  I also splurged and got nice bicyling shoes and shorts and various other gear.   Well, I was going out for a spin, seeing how high an average speed I could maintain, and I started going up this hill.  It wasn't too steep or too long, but I did have to downshift.

Suddenly, to my left, I hear a cheery "hello".  I look over to see a college kid, on a beach bicycle with big fat tires (read slow), wearing shorts and flip-flops, flying by me up the hill.  Ugh....  It gets worse: My immediate conclusion was that I needed more/better gear (as opposed to losing weight and getting in shape).

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