Saturday, September 20, 2008

The best of flights, the worst of flights

My brother John experienced the two extremes of hang gliding this month.

First, he had a magical day when he could catch thermals just about at will. He spent 3 hours flying, and he reached over 10,000 feet!

Here's the footage of it. Wait for the part when he is looking around to make sure that no airliners are going at him (seriously)...

12 days later, he had some problems with launch (somebody helping him messed up), and he had to intentionally crash his glider to be safe. He's okay (other than really scaring his brother), but his glider needs a fair bit of costly repair. Ugh...

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Knumb said...


The agony of defeat at Blackhawk was lessened by a cool brother in Connecticut chasing down and shipping an intermediate glider to me.

Thanks, Brad!