Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Sex, drugs, and drinking's effect on religion

Okay, here's the final set of variables in the article I've been discussing this week. The question is how many young people stop affiliating with religion as a function of some of their moral behaviors. The average for the whole sample is about 17%, and it looks like smoking marijuana is a strong predictor of leaving religion but that premarital sex and increased alcohol consumption are not.

Any thoughts as to why?


jpu said...

This has been a great series Brad.

I think these data are a correlation to religious commitment. Those who are in the process of dropping out of religion have fewer qualms about experimenting. When I came to UConn in 1989 I sat in with the pot smokers but passed the pipe. I dated unbelievers but didn't go all the way with them despite the option being available with them. I did drink alot though for awhile, but that might have been partly self-medication (I know, excuses, excuses).
I came to UConn with high commitment and retained it on the other side. So I'd say from my personal experience this is an example of correlation but not causation.
God is good

Brad Wright said...

JPU, interesting to hear your experiences here at UConn. I don't you can get a degree here if you don't at least drink. ;-)