Saturday, September 22, 2007

Saturday Stuff

A quotation from the Simpsons, Homer asking Ned Flanders:
"Could Jesus microwave a burrito so hot that he himself could not eat it?"
Now... that's the kind of theological question that will get me thinking for awhile.

I went to Joshua's high school's open house, along with all the other parents of freshmen, and I came away thinking what a not-so-good high school I went to. Joshua will be reading Cicero in the original Latin by next year. He'll be reading lots of serious novels. He'll be doing experiments looking at DNA using some fancy gene separator. I'm pretty sure it took my high school biology class about a semester to cut up a couple of frogs.

The logical progression of current standards of beauty... creepy.

Some interesting advice on blogging.


kent said...

12 year old models are very creepy.

Jim said...

My wife was once hounded by a fellow within another branch of the faith and one day was asked by him if God could make a rock that was heavier than He could lift. She, never at a loss for words, responded, "Why not? He made a fool like you to ask the question!"

S.S.Stone said...

Jim, that is hilarious! Your wife is brilliant!

Brad Wright said...

That's really good Jim.

DerekMc said...

Go Hoover High Patriots!!! Now how would you say that in Latin?


S.S.Stone said...

Vanno gli alti Patriots del Hoover!!!

Would Italian do? :)