Saturday, September 08, 2007

Saturday Stuff

My poor sons... I tell them that labor day is a day to work, so they put in four hours of weeding and other yard work last Monday. I appreciate what they got done and how hard they're willing to work.

Here's an interesting article about how people read webpages... where their eyes go. It fits with my assumption that it's really easy to have too much content on a page.

Sometimes Christians seem to overemphasize the good things in their lives, including their faith. I prefer being a little more "warts and all" about it. Here's a great self-description from bunnygirl. "I'm a poor excuse for a Christian and thank God that He doesn't give up on me though I'm pretty fickle with Him."

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Rony said...

Bradley,thanks a lot for giving me a link.
i would be happier if i could get in your blogroll.