Monday, September 03, 2007

Life hack secrets--Modern day proverbs

I'm a sucker for good self-help ideas... Here's an essay that offers suggestions on what to do so that you can "look back on a life that fills you with joy."

It offers the following principles:

  • Don’t chase money, power, or status.
  • Take whatever time you need to discover what matters to you most.
  • Don’t base your choices on others’ approval.
  • Stay authentic.
  • Go for meaning over money every time.
  • Be endlessly greedy—for learning.
  • Make a friend of failure.
  • Make sure that every time you make a mistake, it’s a new one.
  • Choose to spend your time with the right people.
  • Drop whatever is inconsistent with these principles.

I am struck by the similarities of these principles to those in the book of Proverbs...


BunnyGirl said...

Hi there,

Just completed a challenge to read Proverbs during August - 31 days, 31 chapters. It's pretty much common sense written in this book and yet surprisingly hard to live up to.

Great blog

Brad Wright said...

Hello Bunnygirl (BG for short?),

I mentioned proverbs because I'm doing the same thing, sort of. Trying to alternate between proverbs and the psalms every day.

You put it very well, that reading them seems like common sense but then applying them is a bear.

Thanks for the comment.

S.S.Stone said...

Living life should be common sense but it's soo hard at times to live accordingly...trial and error ;)

Roger said...

Check out these "Modern Proverbs"