Saturday, September 15, 2007

Saturday stuff

Here's a nice picture of my 14-year-old son Joshua. Clearly he gets his good looks from his mother.

The secret behind some sociological theories.

Is blogging now a constitutional right? Cool. Life, liberty, and the freedom to ramble. (Thanks David for the link)

This is irony.

Yesterday I flipped 25,000 visitors (47,000 hits) since November. I realize that's a week's worth for some blogs, but I'm happily surprised that anyone is visting.


S.S.Stone said...

Great picture of you son and I would have to agree with you ;) about his good looks. (teasing you of course).

Quite the article. I'm sure there's a political future for this person!

WOW, to the # of visitors you're getting...must be all those "sex" posts you write did get an R rating, didn't you?

Brad Wright said...

Thanks Sarah. Ah... I got an NC-17 rating. I've tried to clean it up since.

Knumb said...

Who is that young man and what have you done with the boy that was my nephew?

Sigh... it's been too long. :(

Brad Wright said...

John, trust me, I look for the little boy just about every day.