Friday, July 16, 2010

Research on religion podcasts

In case you didn't know of it already, there's a great new website,, that podcasts of religion scholars discussing their research. It's run by Tony Gill, a political scientist at U. Washington, and it has some very interesting speakers on it, including Rodney Stark. The most recent podcast, for example, covers religion and health. Cool!

Tony kindly interviewed me for an upcoming podcast, and I hope that I don't pull down the curve too much.


K T Cat said...

Thanks for the tip! I'll check it out.

Anonymous said...

LOL... I don't think you will. Thanks for the tip. - Stacy Harp

Tony Gill said...

Hey BREW-heads,

Brad is right. The podcast is awesome cool and we will be featuring Brad and his new book in about three weeks (August 8). Hear if there is a hidden secret from Brad's past regarding whether or not he grew up in Wisonsin!

We post a new interview every Monday, with the next one on religion & politics from the pastor of a small mega-church in Washington state.

Other upcoming episodes include Timur Kuran talking about the difference in economic development between the Christian West and Muslim Middle East; Byron Johnson on religion and delinquency, Catherine; Gordon Melton on mega-trends in American religion; and Philip Jenkins on the changing face of global Christianity. I also have a few other great guests scheduled including Eli Berman (economist at UCSD) talking about the economics of religious terrorism.

And don't forget to pass this website on to other folks you know. I want to be as viral as the Double Rainbow Guy.

Tony Gill said...

Oops. There was an oops word in my last post -- a random "Catherine" was tossed in. That was supposed to refer to an interview with Catherine Wanner talking about religion in the Soviet Union and post-Soviet Russia.