Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Christian Post article about my book

Here's an article in yesterday's Christian Post that does a good job of describing my book. The writer, Lillian Kwon, did well at describing its main themes and capturing the spirit of it.


Ted said...

I couldn't tell from the article if you differentiated between divorces of Christians that took place before they became regular chuch attenders from those that happened after. Would you comment on that please?

Andrew said...

Hello.I wish you success. You and your book. God bless!

Corey said...

And the comment stream on that Christian Post article is instructive.


Brad Wright said...

Ted, that's a great question, and the answer is no, the analyses do not. So someone could have gotten divorced before becoming a christian or, for that matter, gotten divorced while a christian and left the church.

Thank you Andre.

Yes, Corey, I had a similar reaction to a comment or two.