Saturday, July 03, 2010

The best laid plans...

This evening I was working hard getting ready for our big fourth of July pool party tomorrow, and at one point I was carrying an old clay pot.  It shattered, and cut my thumb quite well.  Off the emergency room to have it sewn up, and the doctor's instruction: no swimming for a week.  :-(

So, tomorrow, I will watch others enjoy the pool that I got ready....  (I suppose that it would be small of me to cancel the whole party).


André said...

It might be small, but it would also be totally worth hearing people's shocked voices when you explain to them why you cancelled the party.

"No, Judi, we cancelled it because I can't go swimming. Not because of some valid reason..."

To which Judi will respond, "Well, thank you for your candid and honest response, Brad. But just remember that you're not the boss of me!"

Finally, the whole conversation will devolve into childish screaming until somebody threatens to tell Mom.

Brad Wright said...

I like it, Andre. The best part of your example is that we do have a Judy coming to the party!

B. Hawk said...

Wow, what a bummer! Those of us who will be there will have to have extra fun for you, to make up for your lack thereof. Thanks for not calling off the whole party--but, I could see that Brad-Judy dialog happening.