Sunday, April 27, 2008

Saturday stuff

While Floyd and I were waiting for the bus last week, we had our usually sword-fighting match in the driveway (with fallen branches). After finishing the fight, which I lost yet again, Floyd thoughtfully pronounced that we should rename our family the "fool-arounds." As in: His new name would be Floyd Fool-Around, and I would be Bradley Fool-Around.

Speaking of fencing, my niece Courtney is an accomplished fencer, despite still being in elementary school. It was her birthday this week, and for her present I told her that I had hidden her present. Her instructions on finding it: Go to her mother's pursue, find a $20, and that's my present. (Unfortunately Courtney saw right through my scam.)

Some nice photos by Dan Myer.

Floyd's elementary school had a fundraiser for a new playground, and who played at it but Peter Tork, a member of the Monkees. Turns out he's originally from this area, and he's returned to it after his fame.

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S.S.STONE said...

Fool Around Family! Funny/cute!

hahaha to Courtney's Fool Around Uncle!

RE: Photography Skills of Sociologists.....I sure taught you "boys" how to take some really good pictures!:)