Saturday, April 12, 2008

Saturday stuff

Well, I'm in day 3 of my wife & kids away for a week. My first reaction was how amazingly quiet the house is with only 1 person it it. Yikes! I unplugged the TV & compute--that much more quiet. My response--I've started singing to myself. The only problem is that I am a terrible singer, and I pick very cheesy songs. (Think American Idol out-take). But... for an audience of one, it works.

On his way out the door to the airport, Floyd was wearing these big, orange-tinted ski goggles. Just out of curiosity, we asked why. Well, they are visiting Cathy's sister, who lives in Arizona, and Cathy told Floyd that Arizona is a desert. So, in his words, goggles "will come in handy in case there is a sandstorm." Okay...

Cathy's last words to me saying good-bye in front of the terminal... "don't forget to pick up crickets for Sticky (Gus' pet lizard)." Ah, true romance never dies.


Anonymous said...

noun edit the last line?

Brad Wright said...

Thank you!