Friday, April 25, 2008

My favorite extra-credit assignment

It's that time of the semester, when some students disparately want some extra-credit. Here's a small extra-credit assignment that I give most of my classes, and it works well.

Identifying a media clip

· Identify a media clip, such as from a television show, movie, or viral video that illustrates a concept discussed in the class.

· Describe what happens in the scene

· Explain how it fits with a concept discussed in class

It works well for me because it gives me ideas to use in future classes. Some of the best clips that I show have come from students suggestions. It works well for the students because it's another way for them to apply what they have learned in class to the world around them.


Anonymous said...

As a fellow professor (of both psychology and world religions), I would love to see some links or hear some examples of what your students have submitted. Thanks for the idea!

Brad Wright said...

Turns out that my students gave me lots of them! Was there a particular topic that you had in mind?