Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Photography and spirituality

Two common themes of this blog are spirituality and photography, and I've never really thought about how they might overlap, but someone else has...

Here photographer Bill Walsh displays some of his photographs, and he gives 9 reasons that he's a photographer. They are:
  1. Creation is a gift from God
  2. God hides himself in creation
  3. In order to glimpse of the glory of God in creation, we actually have to engage with it.
  4. All art has one source: God’s universe.
  5. Cultural and artistic expressions are gifts from God which we should not neglect.
  6. Culture that glorifies God is a foretaste of what we will experience in the new heavens and new earth.
  7. Christians should avoid quickly judging cultural expression as sacred or secular.
  8. Christian cultural expression should not solely focus on the beautiful and the romantic, but should include the flawed.
  9. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the ultimate example of fusing heaven and earth, and serves as the ultimate source of inspiration for those engaged in artistic pursuits.


Casey Ross said...

Brad - Thanks for sharing these thoughts. I sent a link to this post to all my friends in the photography world.

S.S.STONE said...

Beautiful thoughts,so true. Thank you for posting this.