Wednesday, April 09, 2008

How much is your website worth?

I came across this site that estimates the financial value of websites:

According to it, this blog is worth $71,000--which, happily, is the exact amount I'd be willing to sell it for. Any takers?

Some other sites, taken from my blog links:
- Scot McKnight: 1.5 million
- Michael Kruse: 213k
- Chris Uggen: 113k
- Total Drek: 97K
- Scatterplot: 77k
- Dan Myers: 72k
- Jay Livingston: 61k
- Corey Colyer: 23k
- St. Paul's: 22k
- Casey Ross: 15k
- Ray Fowler: 13K
- Sarah Stone: 13K
- Ben Byerly: 4K (he only recently started)

I don' t think that these figures translate into any market reality, but it's fun to imagine!

The site seems to assign values to links to a site, so I suppose that as opposed to selling this site, I should be selling links from it!


Knumb said...


I have been offered a few grand by some john-wright-named companies, but I declined.

Ben said...

Want to trade? ;-). Or maybe you can just post on my blog for a few weeks. That would definitely up the value.

Brad Wright said...

John, yours might be the only site with an actual monetary value.

Ben, I think the only reason my site has "value" is because you link to it/ comment on it...

kent said...

I tried it and I came up with - wait for it - $1214.00. which I thing is pretty good!

Drek said...

I'm weirdly disturbed to think that my hobby is worth about as much as my income for the entire period I've been in grad school.

That said, I think I've gotta fall back on some standard economic theory here: something is worth exactly as much as another party is willing to pay for it.

I suspect I'd have the best luck if I offered to stop blogging in exchange for money.

S.S.STONE said...

This comes a little late for me. March 18th. I put my blog up for sale. It sold. The purchaser will make a fortune..I heard he's leasing it out soon!

Joyce said...

Well, I'll be darned. Mine's worth a little over $13,000!

Which, by the way, is a little more than double of what I am trying to raise for an amazing mission trip to Mamelodi, South Africa this fall. So .... (yes, Brad, I'm using your space as a shameless plea for support), if you want to pop on over and read about what we are doing and have been doing over there, please come read!

And if you are prompted to support us with prayer and/or financially, that's great! We'd appreciate all of the support and encouragement we can get!

(End plug.)

Thanks, Brad. *blushes*