Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What do former church-goers now believe?

Here's an interesting table from a report from Lifeway Research. It's based on a survey of about 500 adults who used to attend a protestant church. Now they don't attend any church. Interesting how few actually reject the idea of God.

Lifeway appears to be akin to the Barna Group--collecting survey data of use for the church. I'll enjoy reading the various reports they have posted.

Thanks David for the link!


Paul Merrill said...

We have some good friends who are devout believers who quit going to church. The guy (of the couple) is REALLY anal & there is no church that is perfect enough for him.

Nothing we could say would convince him to go.

nate said...

LifeWay is much like the Barna group, but LifeWay is explicitly (although not necessarily obviously) part of the Southern Baptist Convention.