Saturday, January 05, 2008

Saturday stuff

The countless hours & dollars spent on 9 years of violin lessons have finally paid off, big time. Joshua bought the XBox game Guitar Hero for Christmas, and he is picking it up really fast. It's amusing to hear these classic rock songs playing in the other room. Sometimes Floyd gets a turn, and holding a too-big-guitar, looking as serious as possible playing a rock anthem.

How Cathy and I celebrated our anniversary--had the boiler break so that we both lost heat and water! (Party on Garth). It was fixed the next day, but both heat and water are handy during winter.

We had my Dad visit, and after that my Sister and family. One of the highlights--taking the cousins to play laser tag. I got shot so many times that I still have smoldering laser burns!

I took a unique strategy--I chose player names that would incited my sub-teen competitors to enraged irratationality. My names included: Obeyparents, and dohomework.

I don't think that I'll ever be interested in doing photojournalism, but I sure appreciate it when done well. Below is a picture that I've been thinking about since I saw it. It certainly conveys an aspect of the modern military.

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Mark said...

Whenever I see a photo like that I think about the parents who worked in the world trade center who will never be able to hug their children ever again.