Friday, January 25, 2008

A visit to Willow Creek

This week the folks at Willow Creek Church who did the Reveal Study flew me out to talk with them. They'll be posting some of our conversation on a blog cast, but here are some impressions of the trip.

Willow Creek Church is certainly impressive. I went into the Wednesday service, and even though the arena holds 7,000 people, it felt as comfortable as walking into someone's living room. I have no idea how they do that... The teaching, by Randy Friese, was inspiring. I'm still thinking over his message.

I know that Willow has its critics, but they sure seem to be doing a lot of things right.

The next day I met with Cally, Eric, & Terry of the Reveal Study, and we talked for 4 hours about research stuff. An enjoyable, informative conversation. They have big things planned for Reveal, and I hope that our conversation was in someway helpful for them in what they are doing.


Casey Ross said...

Brad, can't wait to hear that. Let us know when they make it available.

Chris Forbes said...

Good to hear they followed up with you. I think the crossing of marketing research and sociological research can make Reveal better. Next stops: Barna and LifeWay?

BTW: Hey Casey!

Jerry said...

Glad to hear you enjoyed your visit to Willow. It does avoid the pitfalls of many mega-churches (overly political, health and wealth gospel) well. They won't be any hosting any conferences on liberation theology soon, but they have become more socially conscious. I'll be interested to see what comes of this study.

Knumb said...

Look at the title of your post & tell me why I jumped when I saw it.

Anyhooo... the trip sounds fun. Neat to think blogging has lead to something concrete.

Brad Wright said...

I agree that Willow does a good job of avoiding some of the problems of other mega-churches... No big scandals that I've heard of.

Yes, blogging having a concrete result is very exciting.

Jerry said...

Sorry to post twice, but talking with my parents this weekend, it sounds like all three of the South Barrington pastors (including Randy Frazee who I think was responsible for the Reveal study) are now moving on. Not sure what effect that will have on this going forward.