Saturday, July 28, 2007

Saturday stuff

We spent yesterday at Lake Compounce... a mid-sized amusement/ water park. Both boys brought friends, and we had such a good time that I doubt that anyone (other than me) will get out of bed this morning before noon.

The Pope on the coexistence of faith and evolution. I'm not sure how creationism got to be a marker of Christianity for some people, but I sure don't get it.

I read the book Leviathan: Whaling in the United States. One of those random topics that was really fun to learn about, especially living here in New England. By the mid-1800s, there were sailing everywhere in the world for years at a time just to get their quota of waling oil. What a tough life.

I printed out a schedule for some upcoming family things, and we talked about it as a family. (Each with our own copy...). After talking for about 20 minutes I asked if we all agreed on the schedule. Cathy and Joshua said yes, but my youngest, Floyd, let out a little wimper and said "but Daddy I can't read."

Cathy and I went to see the movie Ghosts of Cite Soleil. The film maker was given complete access to some gang leaders in the slums of Port-of-Prince Haiti. The people and setting were phenomenonally interesting (though the quality of film making was so-so).


S.S.Stone said...

Sounds like a great day!
This article didn't surprise me. The Jesuits I know have always been into the earth and we've talked about evolution..but i've always found the Jesuits to be different thinkers from the diocesan priests I know...then there are the missionary priests...haven't thought much about they're diff. views until reading your post, so thankyou for making me think at this hour of the morning. *smile* may be interested in their site It's a retreat centre and draws people from all over the world (40-Day Spiritual Exercises Institute)

Brad Wright said...

The retreat center sounds really good... I could go for that now big time!