Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My wife has left me and fled the country

Somewhere along the line Cathy and I got into the habit of occasionally taking separate vacations. I suppose it was easier than always packing up the kids or getting a multi-day baby sitter.

This week Cathy is in Montreal for five days, staying at a friend's place and seeing the sites. Apparently Montreal is even more cosmopolitan than Storrs, Connecticut!

The boys and I have enjoyed spending more time together and being in a different routine. Lots of yard work, swimming, X-box, and general goofing around. Today we're going to go visit a WWII submarine.

Still, it will be nice to have Cathy back in 2 days, four hours, and 23 minutes.


Knumb said...

Is this quid pro quo for a hang gliding trip recently taken?

S.S.Stone said...

Old Montreal is like Europe...absolutley wonderful!

1. St.Patricks Basilica


2.St.Joseph's Oratory

are outstanding places to visit. As a family, sometimes we'd travel there in the summer..fond memories.

How sweet of you to be counting the seconds. ;)

Michael Kruse said...

"...back in 2 days, four hours, and 23 minutes."

Hehehe... but who is counting? *grin*

Brad Wright said...

Oh, you noticed that I'm counting...

The trip isn't strictly quid pro quo... but it does erase that debt!

Thanks for the tips Sarah! I suggested that she also go to Toronto to hang out with you, but she didn't think she had time.