Saturday, July 21, 2007

Saturday stuff

Joshua and Cathy went to buy the latest Harry Potter book last night at midnight, read it till 2:30 am., and he's been in bed all morning reading it. Not many books can grab people like that.

I had a lot of fun with the boys while Cathy was gone (yes, she did return). I'm not great at remembering to feed them properly. About every other week I'll put Gabriel down for bed at night and he'll remind me that I forgot to feed him dinner. Oops. One meal was actually ice cream and bacon...

When driving by a church with a castle turret on top, Floyd looked up and shouted, "A castle! Knights are near." I don't know where he got that phrase, but it's now a family tag line.

But what about us guys who are married to women who are both smart and sassy? Double happiness?

Stephen Barry, a friend who is also a worship leader at our church, just started a blog about music, arts, and the church... should be interesting.


Knumb said...

That crop circle is a laugh riot. There's an episode where they go back in time and Homer is a pagan. Ned Flanders, the Christian neighbor, walks up and says:

On the Homer note:
"Mmmmmm.... ice cream and bacon"

A google search of bacon ice cream gives this: "Results 1 - 100 of about 2,040,000 English pages for bacon ice cream"

Throw Homer into the mix and it is only a couple hundred thousand hits: "Results 1 - 100 of about 194,000 English pages for homer simpson bacon ice cream."

When my brother in law Bill gave a cultural tour of LA on a rented bus to a bunch of his family and friends, he went by "the Citadel," which is a shopping outlet complex with spires and arrow slots and castle-type architecture. He tried to make a legit architectural comment on it, saying it was nouveau medieval (or some fancy label like that) and then saying "Look at the spires, look at the arches, look at... " and I cut him off, yelling: "LOOK AT THE BARGAINS!"

I haven't been invited back on one of those tours.

Knumb said...

arg, truncated link.

Paste these together with no spaces, or do a google search for "hi ho pagans .wav flanders":

Brad Wright said...

Bargains are near!

I'll have to look up that episode of the Simpsons and use it in my soc of religion course this fall.

I work the Simpsons into all my other classes.

S.S.Stone said...

Yes it's all about "Harry" these days...bookstores here were having parties and the book went on sale a minute after midnight.
Ok, we now have Joshua, Gabriel and FLoyd...didn't know there was a third....glad your wife is back so the children will eat properly ;)...that is sooo funny!