Saturday, July 07, 2007

Saturday stuff

We're thinking of getting a new car (actually a new used car), so one day, on a whim, I went by myself to the Honda dealership. We like Hondas so much that our decision is "which" Honda rather than which car. After test driving a used CR-V, which I really liked, the salesman suggested that I park it at in front of the dealership--in case I wanted to drive it home that day. Now, I was there by myself, without my wife and family. I looked at him with complete befuddlement, and told him that the only good thing about me buying the car by myself is that I would have a nice car to drive to the hospital when I got home and my family beat me.

Related, here's a video demonstrating how to be the perfect husband.

Last week, I gave the boys some jobs to do outside. Floyd's, my youngest, job was to weed a bank about three feet high and twenty feet wide. After about 20 minutes he found me to say that he was all done. I was skeptical, figuring it would take him at least an hour, so I went and checked. Sure enough it looked great. After talking to him a bit more I figured out what happened. Several high school kids, who live in the neighborhood, were walking by, and Floyd got them to help him weed! I was in part impressed and part a bit scared. Tom Sawyer?

My brother John has started a blog. It's really enjoyable. Check out this post... brilliant.


Knumb said...

Thanks for the link Brad, it's gotten my hit counter outta single digits.

I like the Tom Sawyer story. I also like the concept of kids his age being able to walk around a neighborhood. Not common in So Cal.

That video is an all time classic.

S.S.Stone said...

I love your "Saturday stuff"!

I couldn't link to that video, but maybe it's gender set ;)

as for you not buying the car without your family present, I like me it's a family affair and I think kids remember those days ( speaking from my own wonderful memories)

Now a little not on Floyd! He's brilliant!!! I'm sure you're going to have lots of great memories with the way his mind works. You have to love the inventive/imaginative minds of youth.

Brad Wright said...

Glad that you like the Saturday stuff, Sarah!

John, you're hit counter will be big soon.