Wednesday, May 02, 2007

What's your favorite color?

On of the many fun things about teaching college students is their sense of humor. Not only are many of them wicked funny, but they take the time to express their irreverant humor. (I.e., haven't been beaten down by life... yet).

In preparation for the final, I gave them 100 study questions. The last one was "what's your favorite color"--in tribute to Monty Python. Here's the discussion board posts about it, with about twenty students chiming in. (A couple told me afterwards that they were rather loopy studying for finals.)

- Purple!
- Wrong.
- WHAT?!!!
- violet?
- Because the real answer is RED!!
- funny how this post has more replies than pretty much all the others... and purple is wrong
- I can't find the answer to this one!!!!!! I looked in the notes, read the textbook cover to cover....hoping this one is on there... haha
- Green because it is the color of money :)
- hahah well some1's favorite color is ognna b missing.. there can only b 5 multiple choices.. lol... maybe u can actually get this one wrong!
- I say orange. And I’m sticking to it.
- its clearly hot pink danielle...:)....everyone knows the world should be colo pinkkkkk!!!
- Look, I'm having some difficuly with this question. I don't appreciate all the sarcasm people have been showing. I go through different phases of favorite colors and I don't know what phase I'm in right now, but it's somewhere between green and blue. I'm hoping this isn't on the exam tomorrow
- teal
- Grassy Knoll Green
- all of u r wrong. the best color is Jay-Z blue
- haha i think everyone has lost it!!!!
- yeah we are having wayyy to much fun with this one......
- midnight blue...obviously
- its yellow everyone...this info has been confirmed by a reliable source!
- reveal the name of this supposed reliable source... and its midnight blue too, the color of the uniforms of the majority of our police forces in the U.S.
- so whats the final answer, i wanna know soon since the exam is in 3 hours....
periwinkle blue


S.S.Stone said...

BABY BLUE GOSH? hmm, that must be an American shade *smile*

André said...

Baby Blue Gosh is a great color. It's up there on my list of favorites with Flaming Red Dang and Green Apple Oh My!

Brad Wright said...