Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Stray deconversion comments

I was working on the methods section of our deconversion paper this morning, and I came across some funny comments made by people who had previously been Christians but had left the faith.

One questions ask the respondents how they label themselves now. They usually say "atheist" or "agnostic" or something cool-sounding like "freethinker" or "humanist." One guy, however, just wrote: " -off."

Another question asks people to summarize in a sentence why they left Christianity. The answers here vary widely, but one repondent wrote: "I realized it was all a load of crap."


Nate Loucks said...

What is the intention(s) of this research? Will you be turning it into a book or a paper? How can I get a copy of it when you and your colleagues are finished? It all sounds so fascinating.

Knumb said...


What's with the account you created named "nate loucks?"

You are not fooling me.

Your brother,

Brad Wright said...

Hey look John, if no one else is going to say nice things about me, I'll just have to take care of the responsibility myself!

We're writing an article and will try to get it published in an academic journal. When it's ready for others to read, I'll post something on the blog. Thanks for your interest Nate.