Tuesday, May 22, 2007

John Wright, man of action

Here's a picture of my brother launching a couple of days ago. I believe that he was sipping a martini when the call came in from a government official that they needed his help.

BTW, the canyon he's launching over is about 2,000 feet down. Yikes!
John very kindly hosted me to a great time, including daily trips to the hang gliding site, eating at great restaurants, and fun play time with his daughter.


S.S.Stone said...

Picture Perfect!!!! A great shot!

Brad Wright said...

Thanks Sarah... getting the photo was easy... the hard part was getting him to jump into the canyon. ;-)

Knumb said...

Great pic, bro, and you got a compliment on it from a serious photog, no less. I think the falcon in the background is saying: "Uh, wuffo inc!" (uh oh, hang gliding newbie is incoming)

Daniella was camped outside my office door this morning. When she found it bereft of fun loving family members, I think her squeaks and cheeps said: "Is Unca Brah™©® is coming out in the fall?"

Nancy was also bummed that you were gone. Err, and of course, so was I (that's my story, your honor).

Thanks for flying out! Great job on your second through fourth solos!

S.S.Stone said...

i was just going to respond to todays post but it wouldn't allow it "We're sorry, but we were unable to complete your request"

S.S.Stone said...

ok so i'll put my thoughts here...I do believe that the age factor plays heavily in this survey on promiscuity..less young people going to church etc...I think this type of survey needs to look at the individual categories in order to be more precise