Thursday, May 17, 2007

Gone hang gliding

Today I am flying to Southern California to spend four days hang gliding with my brother. He is flying me out with his frequent flyer miles, driving us around, and putting me up at his house. Wow! What a brother!

I've worked out a rigorous schedule for the four days:

- Wake up
- Walk to the beach (yes, he lives that close)and splash around
- Go hang gliding
- Eat Mexican food
- Play with my uber-adorable 1-year-old niece

Repeat four times

Nice, huh?


S.S.Stone said...

WOW! Have a wonderful time. You sure have a wonderful generous brother..and yes, what a schedule that is!ENJOY!
(hmm, now how did he post that with tomorrows date? )

S.S.Stone said...

was looking at "list of sites", came across John Wright...went there and WOW a video of you HANG GLIDING...."Brads first SOLO"..awesome! what a nice brother you have!
p.s. I did find the "post option" where you can post date your blog...pretty neat feature!

Brad Wright said...

Thanks Sarah! It's like a vacation here, being by the beach and staying with family.

Knumb said...

It's nice to see me get the recognition I deserve. Brad has been whining his whole trip here about how he'd rather be conducting statistical analysis back in wet Connecticut.

Seriously, the only downbeat so far on his trip has been the perfunctory bomb threat at LAX right about the time he landed, making us a bit late the first day. Oh, and the buffet was closed at our Mexican restaurant near the hill.

Big bro got his second solo today and it was fun to be in the air at the same time that he was, though I didn't see him. That may be tomorrow.

Now, it's on to Supermex. Yes, that's the name. $25 is a big bill for two peeps at a great joint.

S.S.Stone said...

U're making me laugh! I'm sure Brad's mind is racing a mile a minute while in the air with all kinds of statistical data! When he returns maybe we'll have the pleasure of hearing about it.(thinking of his post Mon- May 07-Graduation Ceremony)

Re: LAX- that would be VERY frightening.
Nice that the 2 of you bros are so well bonded & do these fun things -Hope you got to see each other face to face while in the air!
When i'm in Laguna Beach(artists heaven/gallerys galore!) i stay @ the Surf and Sand on PCH 1-all rooms face the ocean - @ nite, the waves are literally under your balcony! -don't think there is a place in all of S.Cal that is that close to the water...I go for the ocean so want to be as close to it as possible. In La Jolla I stay @ the Sea Lodge -this past year decided to stay @ La Valencia in the heart of the city on Prospect Ave-disappointed, too far from the water..i'll write about that in my blog someday-Love Scripps Institute of oceanography!!

Glad you're enjoying time with your family Brad...they're all very beautiful and your little niece is soooo adorable!!!!