Saturday, May 12, 2007

A new incentive for surveys?

A chronic problems in surveys is people declining to participate in them. In a recent church survey that I conducted, I ask what can be done to improve the survey for next time. Here's the most compelling answer, and it might be something researchers could use to bump up response rates, at least for religion surveys.

"There should be some sort of incentive [for taking the survey]... perhaps a 10% discount off one month's tithe or God answering your next prayer for your favorite football team."

Hm-m-m-m, I'll see what we can do for next time.


Casey said...

Brad - If you're able to set it up to where God will answer my prayers for UVa, I'll take any survey you've got. For the record, I am one of those weird people who enjoys taking long as they are not too long. Long ones will cost you a tithe discount or some guaranteed answered prayer.

Brad Wright said...

Hm-m-m, not sure about UVa prayers.

I take surveys out of fear... I'm afraid that if I start skipping them the comes-aroud-goes-around principle will sink the surveys that I collect.

S.S.Stone said...

I don't mind taking a survey if I have the time. I hesitate agreeing to phone surveys because they tell you it won't take long and then once you can't end.

Statistics Canada do a major survey every few years...if you are chosen for the long form and don't mail it back they phone you and you HAVE to do it-happened to me once and they are very lengthy.

Brad Wright said...

You have to take it?! Wow, what happens if you don't?

S.S.Stone said...

ABOUT THE SURVEY: I wasn't sure what happens so i called STATISTICS CANADA(1-800-263-1136 - Enquiries line )..the gentelman told me that there are TWO MANDATORY surveys that we Canadians MUST Fill out-
1. Labor Force Survey
2. Census Canada

I asked him what happens if you don't: A FINE! yes, true! $500.00...The census is done every 5 years...last one was 2006..everyone must do it and they're suppose to be ALL mailed back on a certain's really funny to see too--everyone is dropping them off at the post office the SAME DAY!!! lol...oh one nice thing, postage is free

there are two forms, one long and one short..every 5th person gets a long one...this one time i received it and didn't do it..they phoned me and i had to take it over the phone with the agent..also, if you leave a question blank-they phone you about that is that not job creation at it's finest? ..all these people phoning Canadians who didn't put down their age per se?

Brad Wright said...

Wow! I can't believe that you can get fined for not filling out a survey. That would boost response rates even more than praying for a sports team!