Saturday, May 19, 2007

Dispatch from SoCal

Well, somehow I've ended up at an all-inclusive resort... my brother is doing/has everything. We went for a bicycle ride along the coast this morning, and we're eating out most meals. It's been ages since we've gotten to hang out like this, and I'm really enjoying it.

Yesterdays hang gliding was, well, nerve-wracking. The air was really bumpy--like a plane going through turbulence--and it had been six months since I had flown. Still, I launched from 2,200 feet and landed in once piece. I belly-flopped the landing, not very hard, but unfortunately, my brother got it on video.

SoCal moments:
- My brother blogging while I was driving us home yesterday. His laptop has a wireless plug-in or something like that.
- An amazing number of expensive cars... very few 10-year-old Honda station wagons
- Outstanding Mexican food (though we eat it after, not before, flying).


S.S.Stone said...

Ohhh this sounds so nice-being "kids" again!- old times-old memories- Happy for you!
WOW, Brad-amazing-2,200 feet! What a high!
(good thing U ate Mexfood afterwards)*smile*

Anonymous said...

The Mexican food in SoCal was great when I was there, but I have to say that it was even better in NYC...any chance I can by a video of that belly flop landing??? Now that would be a good use of start-up money...

Brad Wright said...

Yes, it is like being kids again, at least in terms of just playing.

Andy, the belly flop video is locked in deep storage... the kind of incindiery footage whose existence people only whisper about.